Saturday, 3 September 2011

I Have Risen...

Is that sac-religious? Well I went there. 

Yes it is true, when I awoke from my depression induced comma coming back from the UK, I fell in and then out of a hibernation some people call winter/spring, only to find myself brain dead coming out of summer in time for school starting. 

But I'm breathing, its a good sign.

I've been asked by the County Health Department to help spread the word:
For those of you who aren't aware, an epidemic has hit Provo upon my return from the Mother Land (London).  Don't be alarmed, it will only hit some of you.  Or in my case, every. single. one. of. my. friends.


So for all of you single people out there, watch your back. 
Or your left ring finger. 

But seriously, CONGRATS to all 947 of them, I really am so happy for all of you! :)

Olivia & Justin

 Mikhail & Curtis

Jessie & Greg

Jani & James

Marlee & Tyler

Beth & Strater

Grace &Jean

Jess & Spencer

Keelia & Brody

Shayla & Nic

McKenzie & Treis

Erica & Robby

Aren't they all freakin BABES?! 

All pictures from respective blogs/facebook

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Since U Been Gone

Since U Been Gone:

-Kelly Clarkson disappeared from the social scene.

-...I Can breathe (…for the first time).
PROBLEM (30+ girls living on top of each other and one gets what she “thinks” is pneumonia…300 kleenex boxes later we realize its not pneumonia. Just the worst cold ever.) Yay.

-My computer died. See ya later generator! I’ll miss you :(

-NEW COMPUTER! I hate/love you.  I still love PC’s … but... now I have a mac

I know I’m macbook guy now that you always see in class doing the 4 fingered swipe down the mouse pad to sweep their millions of windows up, back and forth, back and forth, hypnotizing you into thinking you really need to be able to do that. No you don’t. It’s just annoying and extremely time consuming since when you have nothing to do you end up swiping like crazy as if that is going to spark some sort of project for you to do besides take notes in class.  No that doesn’t happen to me

-Went to Paris? C’est Le Vie.
Best part of Chartres Cathedral besides the name. 

The Space Pod. Yes my back is against the wall in this. It was a fun time. 
Things you can do in this space.
-Pass out every night from the most event packed days ever.
-Jump on the mattress expecting a mattress naturally, oh wait no instead you’ve just slammed your body down onto what Etap Hotels like to perceive as a mattress, a slab of steel.
-Watch the only TV channel in Enlgish, which we’re still not sure what that was.

Things you can’t do in that space.
-Everything else. 
Champs Elysees
Outside the Orangerie

Best. Pizza. Ever. Ambien

-Saw Zac Effron. Worshipped.
Real. Life. 

-Went to Dead peoples houses:
  • Shakespeare
  • Bronte Sisters
  • Jane Austen

  • Wordsworth
  • Keats
  • Rudyard Kipling
Hoorah for Rudyard. 
  • Beatrix Potter
  • John Lennon
  • Virginia Woolfe

-Went to Les Miserable.  Almost wept. SO GOOD!
-Started using weep, weeping, wept, in my vocabulary (thank you Andrea)

-Stood in front of Stone Henge and forever put awful screen saver default images to shame.

-BEDES WORLD. Because why would you not want to go there...? Haven't heard of The Venerable Bede? Look him up. 
(Obviously we had a REALLY good time in the museum from the amount of pictures I have in there to the amount from the playground outside...)
Huge pig. 
Birds Nest with Professor Penny Bird. YES!
I am currently shooting by on this amazing zipline at rocket speed...wait no I'm not. Not really known for the impressive equipment here at Bede's World....

-Went to the Lake District. BEAUTIFUL.
Me, Morgan, Mackenzie 
The Moors (near the Bronte Sisters home)
Me and Mackenzie
 If this isn't THE CREEPIEST thing you've ever seen, don't know what is.  Oh did I mention she was mouthing "help me... Let me out... I can't get out!'? yeah.  Also, did I mention I am EMOTIONALLY SCARRED??

-Went to Wales. Did some Wale Watching. 
(Me and Jenna)
Big Pit Coal Mines. Yes they thought about what to name this for a significant amount of time. So cool! Got to go down in the mines with mining gear. Lookin good :)

An entire museum on the history of Wales-outside! It actually was really cool, they brought in buildings from all over from different time periods in Wales, all the way back to the Anglo-Saxon times!...but obviously we spent most of our time doing productive things...
Yep. Had to. 
These "leaves" could LITERALLY cut through wood. And I tried to pick one.  Worthless.


Grace and Andrew prepping my apple that I later speared with an umbrella.  SO SWEET! Probably the crowned jewel of my athletic career. 

Pig Trough
Stumbled upon a Mini Cooper advertisement...

MY FUTURE CHILD! The most on point mullet I have ever seen. SO CUTE!

Benbow Farm, where Wilford Woodruff baptized an entire congregation of the United Bretheren. Well all but one.  

Our fearless leaders on top of Malvern Beacon.

Representin' the Taz pose everywhere I go.

Gadfield Elm! The first Mormon cathedral. So cool, we had a little service inside.
I had to play the organ that was SO old but don't worry, we practiced on the Center's organ....and by practice I mean played Phantom of the Opera all night long in a quartet...needless to say it went really well.

Gadfield Elm Chapel. Hertfordshire. 

Since U Been Gone…

Monday, 13 September 2010

September 4

Crack of Dawn…ish

When you’re entire room wakes up at noon, that’s when you know you’re going places. Obviously we were a little worn out from the week of wonders but we got up and went to the famous Waffle House. I think waffles to the British are like cake (considering its on the dessert menu) but we all ordered it for breakfast with scrambled eggs they made in a microwave. Hmm... other than those freaky looking sponge disasters it was actually really good! SOO sweet though.

Went to Tuk Tuk Thai for dinner (I swear we do more than just eat...wait no that's all we do), not usually a fan of Thai food (or so I thought) but it was really good! Even though half the time I had no idea what I was eating, that’s probably actually why I liked it…

We went to St. Martin-in-the-fields church for a concert of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Andrea obviously really liked it…

It was AMAZING! It was the coolest old church and considering our only view was of the ceiling (cheapest seats = no view of the musicians, is that even legal?) so just sitting and looking at this amazing detailed building listening to Vivaldi and Mozart and Bach I felt like calling up my carriage and powdering my wig.

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Coolest old Piano Forte!
Inside the church
The acoustics were amazing in this church, so good that everyone in the whole room heard Grace drop her water bottle. Awesome.  :)

Afterwards we went out in Trafalgar Square where it was HOPPIN. Pretty much everything comes alive at night here no matter what day it is.

Was in awe when this man came running up to us but was not expecting this:

“Excuse me! Excuse me! Do you want to know the funniest thing? Everybody LOVES me!”